How can I give feedback about my Study Hub experience?

Your feedback is hugely appreciated anytime. You are always welcome to write us directly. We love hearing from you and learning how we can serve you more fully.

Every six months we send all members a feedback form with specific questions to help us improve the Hub. The Hub's evolution is intrinsically influenced by your suggestions, reflections and feedback. We love listening to you, receiving your input and implementing changes.

How do I connect more with other Hub members?

There are several different ways within the Hub to connect with other members. This is something we are continually  developing as we feel it's hugely important to find creative ways to strengthen the connection of Hub members. Here are a few community aspects of the Hub:

Comment Threads: Each lesson and event has a comment thread at the bottom of the page for anyone to share their experience of the session with the community.

Zoom: During live events, use the Zoom gallery display to connect with other dancers. This is an optional feature as not everyone wants to be "seen" in the dance. Zoom also has a live chat thread that encourages realtime connection.

Integration Circles: After the live classes we offer led listening circles for those who would like to digest their experience.

Forums: The Hub Forum is a dynamic feature that enables ongoing conversations between members about specific topics.

Private Messaging: Want to get in touch with a member privately? Use our inbuilt private messaging system to connect with your hub friends!

Practice Buddy: If you want to work with a Practice Buddy or small support group, Susannah’s Embodied Listening Course is designed to support quality deep listening and offers structured sharing practices. This can complement the Hub journey by supporting you to reflect on your experience. Finding a Practice Buddy or support group is up to you, though there is a thread on the Forum (under Embodied Listening) called “Ahoy Practice Buddies!” to help you find each other.

Connect: Click "Connect" in the menu to find our full member's directory.

Can I access the FB group? I made a request to join, but am waiting for it to be accepted.
Occasionally, new members have struggled to access our private FB group and receive an error code. We are very sorry for the inconvenience, unfortunately it's an issue within FB and we aren't able to remedy the issue from our settings. If you've experienced this error, please send an email to Silvana, our Study Hub FB group moderator and she will help you gain access directly.
I'm struggling to find what I need, how do I find my way around the website?

We've created a detailed website tutorial Website Tutorial for you. This will help you learn how to navigate around the website with ease. You may also find Susannah & Ya'Acov's welcome video helpful in this regard. If you are still unsure about something, please don't hesitate to get in touch, we're here to help!